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Welcome fellow Freedom Chasers, we are Ann Vasey and Ewan Chenery founders of Freedom Chasers and Grapevine Marketing.

We both have a background in education so it is no surprise that we want to teach others about how we created our freedom so that you can find yours.

Having both had caring responsibilities for our parents and also offering child care to help out with our grown up children’s families, having full time jobs was beginning to put undue pressure on all of us…

Before we quit our 9-5 jobs, we were both physically and mentally exhausted, suffering with anxiety and stress related physical symptoms such as migraines and stomach complaints. Between our caring responsibilities and work, there was little time for anything else.

Something had to give and we made the decision to find a career that could be flexible and enable us to work from home, and in future from anywhere on the planet.

That of course is easier said than done… we wasted a lot of time and money on courses that just weren’t good enough and had become disillusioned.

Mindset is a huge factor in taking that leap of faith… you believe you can’t do anything else and think the bills aren’t going to get paid… we were wrong on both counts.

Because we have already found many of the pitfalls of the training that is out there, you don’t have to go through that.

Our dreams of what we wanted to accomplish were bigger than our fears and that burning desire to be successful got us through.

Eventually we found two people who completely transformed our lives and became our mentors.

At last we had found the training we needed to build our skills to be proficient enough to start our own business.

Our experience with the training we received was completely different to the waste of time and money we had previously endured!

There were unexpected surprises such as finding a community of experts that gave real support – including having access to experts in all fields related to earning a digital income.

We worked hard to learn the skills and within months we were able to match our previous income and very soon surpassed it!

Now, we have a life that looks very different, we have the flexibility to work from anywhere on the planet at a time to suit us – usually just a few hours a day.

We are planning a trip around Europe in our campervan where we can at last fulfil our dreams of exploring, climbing hills and mountains… and sitting on a beach working!

There is no ceiling on our income and it is related to how much effort we put in.

We now love what we are doing as you can relate your income to something that you have a passion for or an interest in… so whatever it is that you love doing, there will be a digital income source to match it.

So how do you get started?

By clicking the button above or below, you will be able to access the group and the knowledge within that group – no obligation to commit to anything else whatsoever – we promise.

Within the group you can access details about affordable workshops including The 7 Day Shift workshop which is a great place to start. Showing you step by step how to start earning an income online even if you haven’t got a clue!

With this workshop our mentors will help you…

  • Copy their EXACT 3 step “cut the line” process they’ve used to create job replacing income online
  • Learn why choosing the wrong business model can completely shipwreck your dream of making a full-time income on the internet, and what to do before you commit.
  • Discover the ONLY 4 things that matter when it comes to building digital income – if you don’t get this, you won’t succeed.
  • ​Get completely setup to begin earning without confusing tech skills or huge start-up capital – even if you can only put in a few hours a week.

PLUS, we will be here to support you every step of the way…